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Step right into Astrid Lindgren´s stories



Pippi Långstrump - Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Be there when That Emil hoists Ida up the flagpole, play tag with Pippi Longstocking or explore Matt’s Fort. In Astrid Lindgren’s World you and your family become part of the classic children’s stories, and the line between story and reality, and between theatre and play, becomes blurred. The park is full of imaginative play areas, and music and singing can be heard from our many stages throughout the day. If you become hungry, find a nice picnic area or visit one of our restaurants that serve hearty Småland food made from local produce. When you tire after a full day of play and unforgettable meetings, you can sleep comfortably in a chalet right by the park.



Meet the characters from the books and play in the settings where they live

Astrid Lindgren’s World is not one but many worlds. In one and the same day you can visit Villekulla Cottage, Katthult, Matt’s Forest, Wild Rose Valley and many other places from Astrid Lindgren’s books. Here you are free to play inside the buildings and in the surrounding settings, as long as there isn’ta performance going on. Performances linked to the different places are at set times of the day. In between, you can meet Pippi Longstocking, That Emil, Mardie, Karlsson on the Roof and all the others who like to join in the play. The park also has places just for play, like a barn with hay to jump in, houses on a child-friendly scale and a ‘don’t-touchthe- ground trail’ to put your balance to the test.  


Stay round the corner from the park

If you have travelled some way, it may be good to know that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in our own accommodation facility, right by the park. Several of the chalets were renovated as recently as 2016 and all are equipped so you can heat up or cook your own food. As from 1 August, our new accommodation ‘The Tiny Town’ can also be booked.



The largest open-air theatre in Sweden

 If you haven’t read Astrid Lindgren’s books, you may still have seen one of the films or heard the music. Seeing well-known scenes from Astrid Lindgren’s stories performed before your eyes and hearing the classic songs sung by Pippi, Emil, Alfred and all the others are an important part of the experience at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Our theatre programme is planned to ensure there is always something for all ages to see. And when the performances are over, the children can meet the characters in their settings.