Press images

Y'll find press images here ready to download. These images are free for use in connection with articles about Astrid Lindgrens World. The images are highresolution (JPG format with 300 dpi) and ready for printing. If you don't find the type of image that you are looking for or want to use the images for another purose don't hesitate to contact our marketingdepartment

Astrid Lindgrens Värld


Pippi Langstrump

Pippi Langstrump Hamnmagasinet

Pippi Langstrump_Tommy_Annika_Kling_Klang

Emil i Lönneberga

Emil i Lönneberga_Familj

Emil i Lönneberga_Bysse

Pippi Långstrump_hamnmagasinet

Pippi Langstrump_Tommy_Annika